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Protect Your Abilene Home and Business. We Kill the Germs that Harm Your Family and Employees

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Disinfect Contact Surfaces

Surface Germ Killer

Preventative treatment on any surface for 90 days!

We touch hundreds of surfaces a day – from door handles, to desks to countertops to shared coffee and water dispensers. So to keep you, your family and your employees healthy, you want to limit the spread of contaminants at their source.

Our surface treatment provides protection from germs by creating a surface barrier of millions of positively charged spikes that work to attract harmful microbes in order to puncture and kill them on contact. This preventative measure creates the first line of defense, giving you a better fighting position in your war on germs – and allowing peace of mind for up to 90 days!

Enjoy your environment with confidence, knowing your family and employees are protected!

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Disinfect the Air You Breathe

Breathe In Technology

Quality air treatment in your home or office!

According to the EPA, indoor air pollution is 3-5 times greater than outdoor air pollution. This poor air quality leads to a rise in headaches, asthma and allergies – and contributes to the reduction of student and worker performance. Add to this issue the threat of airborne spread of the COVID-19 and flu virus and it is not hard to see the importance of a line of defense that addresses the problem of indoor contaminants. Our Air Treatment provides the perfect solution.

Breath+In technology offers three powerful lines of defense to address the problem of indoor contaminants. Ionization technology neutralizes toxins. HEPA filtration provides an additional layer of protection by removing additional pollutants and the Breathe in Technology sterilization provides the final layer to neutralize remaining contaminants.

Residential Special

Protect your home for 90 days with our preventative care right now and receive our Residential Special

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Armament Shield: The Germ Killer is a professional disinfectant service company serving the Abilene, TX and surrounding Big Country areas.

We are experienced, highly qualified professionals, who use environmentally friendly solutions to disinfect your home or office. These professional grade germ control solutions, when applied, form an invisible, long lasting coating that actively protects 99% of surfaces from the buildup of organic matter.

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Decreased Sick Time

Reduces sick time at your facility caused by infections such as Strep Throat, the Flu, Staph, MRSA, and many others.

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Measurable Difference

Recorded results to show that you have taken precautionary steps to reduce infection through your facility.

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Marketable Protection

Show your future patrons/clients/patients that your facility is on the cutting edge of anti-microbial technology to ensure a healthy stay during their visit.


We Are a Complete Disinfecting and Sanitizing Services for Your Home or Business


90 Day Protection

Preventative Care

Peace of Mind

No Contracts

Safe to Use Same Day

Constant Defense


Nature's Way to Clean Air

Bi-Polar Ionization

Self-Cleaning Needles

Constant Circulation

HEPA Filter

Daily Fresh Pure Air


- Owner, La Voz 93.3 FM

“I was a bit skeptical when Jonathan told me about his services and what he does. I had him come in and do my office, and noticed that we had a drastic decrease in "sick days" from staff, I can only attest that to Armament Shield services. Jonathan comes in sprays everything down and is in and out in no time! I'm glad we gave him a try! I highly recommend him!”

- ACU’s Student Recreation and Wellness Center Executive Director

“I have used Armament Shield for a couple of years now in our recreation center. I have been thoroughly impressed by their product, their service and their willingness to go the extra mile for their customers. I especially like how they follow up every month and ensure that areas needing additional attention get it. Jonathan and his team are top-notch!”

- HSU Graduate Assistant Coach and Small Business Owner

"Jonathan has helped me by keeping my apartment sanitized... It has been a big help to know that my apartment is free of any bacteria and viruses. We are constantly traveling and exercising in a gym 3 days a week... I am too busy to get sick, and Armament Shield leads me towards a healthier lifestyle."

"“The germ killer” came to my residence and treated the entire home. I have three kids (two in school) and a grandfather with cancer and under treatment. You can never be too careful. I highly recommend the treatment and spread the word to businesses you interact with on a daily basis to help prevent the spread of germs. I appreciate the service and will continue to get the treatment done to help keep my family healthy. This guy is awesome! He can not only help you protect your family from germs. He is very active member in the community. When you combine a need especially now and supporting a local business you can’t beat working with him for your home or business! Great job ! Thank you for what you do!"

- Revive Life Spa

"We’ve been having our home and office treatment for a while. My daughter and I have Lyme - and even before Corona - we used Germ Killer to help protect us so we wouldn’t get sick and make our Lyme even worse. Now we’re especially glad Jonathan takes care of our home and office."


I was skeptical of this germ treatment. I thought I could just buy the products and kill the germs myself. A member of my household came home with the flu in January. Schools were closing; businesses were shutting down. The flu was everywhere. I wanted to do everything I could to keep from getting the flu. Jonathan came and treated my entire house. No one else came down with the flu. After success with my home, Jonathan treated my office. My office had to keep going during tax season. Then, I hired a new person on a Wednesday, and she left with the flu the next day. Jonathan made a special trip to wipe down her desk. No one else in my office caught the flu. Armament Shield was the best investment I have ever made. Thank you, Jonathan, for everything.

- Co-founder and CEO, Oddly Natural

I’ve had the pleasure of serving with Jonathan in community service on multiple occasions. Jonathan’s heart for community and work-ethic for business are of the strongest I have met. As a business owner, I can say with confidence that trusting Jonathan with your business will prove beneficial.

- Cakes by Birdie

I have found Jonathan with Armament Shield has researched and educated himself to be known now to Abilene as the "Germ Killer". He is by far, very sincere and highly professional with a passion to make sure he educates others in protecting themselves and their businesses. I would recommend talking to Jonathan on to learn more about who he is as a young professional in Abilene as well as what Armament Shield can do for you, your business, and your family.

-  Fatt Matt Roofing

The Germ Killer kills germs at the Fat Matt Roofing office. Thanks for working diligently at keeping us safe from those nasty germs. Greatly appreciate you Jonathan.

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